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Prefabricated Building | Small-Scale Public Transportable and Pre-Fabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Building

What is a prefabricated building?

A prefabricated building is a practice of assembling components of a construction structure at a manufacturing or factory site and transporting complete assemblies to the construction.

What is the Prefabricated building  Objective?

  • To ensure a higher level of safety and comfort of construction workers than in the construction of the site.
  • To accelerate the construction time.
  • To reduce the cost of building materials testing.
  • To the standards and a greater guarantee of construction quality

What are the different types of structural systems used in prefabricated buildings?

Prefabrication construction is a building of a different type that consists of several systems.

  • Open prefabrication system
  • Box type prefabrication system
  • Great prefabrication system
  • Open prefabrication system

What are the different types of structural elements used in prefabricated buildings?

  • Honeycomb slab
  • Precast joist.titles
  • Prefabricated planks and slats
  • Building blocks and slats
  • Reinforced concrete channels
  • Reinforced or prestressed concrete beams, columns, slabs, and trusses
  • Prefabricated dentelles and others.
  • Box type prefabrication system
  • The box-type prefabrication system is a prefabricated room size unit selected on-site, and the kitchen and both toilets must also be prefabricated and similarly selected on the site.
  • Great prefabrication system.
  • In this prefabrication system are components such as precast concrete of large floors, walls, balconies, stairs, walls and etc. The casting of the components could be ad off or in situ.

What is a prefabricated building component?

  • Panels
  • Base channel
  • Capping Channel
  • Send
  • The ceiling
  • Floor system
  • Prefabrication Design Guide Lines
  • These are the parameters that could probably, in addition to the normal design of the building elements,
  • The energy-saving.
  • Protection against noise
  • fire safety box.
  • Stability and strength of the material.
  • Thermal isolation.
  • Materials used in prefabrication;
  • Light elements
  • Ceramic product
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Wood

What are the steps to construct a Prefabricated building?

  • Those are two prefabrication stages that will be done,
  • Factory prefabrication
  • Site prefabrication
  • Factory Prefabrication:
  • It involves the manufacture of long-term standardized components. Component production throughout the year.

Site prefabrication:

  • The components are manufactured near the site and the works are normally carried out in open spaces.
  •  The equipment, machinery, and molds are mobile in nature.
  • Next works normally,
  • The casting of construction elements.
  • Transportation of items to the construction site.
  • assembling the elements

What are the advantages of prefabricated buildings?

  • To improve the quality of construction on the site.
  • It helps in the safety of workers.
    how to insert prefabricated building
  • Save construction time.
  • Provide complex thermal insulation.

What are the disadvantages of prefabricated buildings?

  • Skilled jobs are required.
  • Connecting prefabricated units is very difficult.
  • Delivery may cause members to break.

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