Erection of Prefabrication in Prefabricated Building

Erection of Prefabrication in Prefabricated Building 

What is the erection and prefabrication item of works?

It is the process of assembling the prefabrication element in the search direction and the portion according to the drawing. The following tasks must be carried out in the construction of prefabricated elements.

Launch of prefabricated elements

  • The fastening of the mounting earrings is attached to the mounting hooks.
  • Cleaning of the elements and the erection site.
  • Cleaning of steel inserts before incorporation into lifting joints
  • Set the elements to correct the position.
  • Adjustments to obtain the stipulated level line and plumb line.
  • Deats welding.
  • Change of erection rigs.
  • Placement and removal of the necessary scaffolding/supports.
  • Welding of insortslalaying the reinforced in joints.
  • The assembly work in several constructions works by using different prefabricated elements with risk conditions, therefore, skilled workers to be employed at work.

Equipment required for erection

The equipment required for prefabrication elements in the industry can be classified as,
  • Machinery necessary for extraction, of course, and fine aggregates.
  • Transport equipment, such as conveyors, chain conveyors, etc.
  • Concrete mixers
  • Vibrators
  • Assembly equipment such as cranes, cranes, pulleys, etc.
  • Transport machines
  • Workshop of machinery for the manufacture and repair of steel.
  • Machines for stretching, bending and welding bars
  • Tools and smaller sockets, such as wheel bars, concrete hubs, etc.
  • Steam Generation a plant for accelerated curing
  • Planning Coordination
  • It is important that the installer/installer and the precaster builder work together to achieve the best performance.
Erection of prefabrication

Site access and storage

  • Verify site accessibility and delivery of prefabricated panels to the site, especially low platform trailers.
  • Check if there is adequate space for temporary storage before installation and ground conditions.
  • Irregular terrain will cause overload and crack the panels.
  • Crane Arrangement Planning
  • Plan the capacity of the crane and lifting gears according to
  • The higher weight of prefabricated panels
  • Elevation of heights.
  • Working radius
  • Crane position in relation to the final location of the panel
  • Plan another team
  • Boom lift and scissor lift to unhook installed panels.
  • Lifting gears
  • Qualified staff
  • Competent crane operators
  • Rigging equipment
  • Signal equipment
  • General considerations for crane selection
  • Total lifting weight
  • Crane model
  • The safe work load for crane
  • Lifting capacity must be 1.5 times the total weight
  • Lifting and balancing radius
  • Crane counterweight
  • The length of the crane boom is related to the vertical and horizontal separation of the building.

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