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Bridge Engineering

Definition of Bridge Bridge is an structure which facilitate communicam route to cross an obstacle in the form of ground or a stream. Ideal ...

Admin 5 Oct, 2021

How Do You Calculate Water Quantity For Underground Tank

Suppose we have a water having a length 10 feet width 15 feet and the depth of the underground water tank (UGWT) is 10 feet. Calculate the q...

Admin 29 Sep, 2021

The Paint also holds the Guinness World Record for being the world's white paint. What's Special?

The world's white paint has been discovered at the University of Purdue in the US state of Indiana. Researchers are hopeful that using ...

Admin 24 Sep, 2021

What Is Bricks Masonry and Size Of Bricks

What Is Bricks Masonry? Brick is obtained by the molding a clay into a clay block and burnt them on the fire and then set them to cool. This...

Admin 16 Sep, 2021

Bar Bending Schedule

What is bar bending? The process of bending reinforcing steel into shapes necessary for reinforced concrete construction. Next comes the Ba...

Admin 16 Sep, 2021

Bar Bending Schedule For Circular Slab [ BBS ]

Suppose we have a circular slab having a diameter 10 ft. The main and distribution bars were spaced 6 inches both ways. So calculate the num...

Admin 7 Sep, 2021