5 Creative Interior Design Ideas For Limited Space on a Budget

Feel stuck with limited space when it comes to redecorating your house? Fear not! There are plenty of creative interior design ideas for small homes on a budget that can help you maximize the potential of a small space. From clever storage solutions to easy DIY ideas, find out how you can transform your small home within a tight budget.

Invest in multi-functional furniture. 

Investing in furniture that maximizes the limited space you have is key to creating a well-designed room within your budget. Look for pieces of furniture with hidden storage, such as tufted ottomans or a sofa bed. Place dual-purpose items such as coffee tables with shelves or pull out writing desks in the living room so that everyone can benefit from their use. Removable or folding chairs are great options for dining rooms and hallways that you need to transform into study areas during the day. 

Use mirrors to create an illusion of space. 

Mirrors can be used to create an illusion of more space by reflecting light which gives the feeling of a larger room. Place mirrors opposite windows or in corners for a dramatic impact. Additionally, use decorative wall mirrors to add texture and color to neutral walls as well as to bounce light around the room. Be sure also to utilize strategically placed tall mirrors or full-length mirrors in narrow hallways for added dimension.

Use subtle colors to open up space.

Use light muted colors and bright whites on walls and floors to open up space. Consider using cool blues, grays and greens as they are known for making rooms look more spacious. Also, be sure to keep furnishings simple and uncluttered – this includes minimal decorations, figurines and plants. You can also use the existing natural or indirect light in space to your advantage by adding sheer curtains or window treatments that allow plenty of light in while providing a dose of subtle color.

Utilize vertical space with wall shelving and floating shelves.

Wall shelving and floating shelves are great practical solutions for maximizing wall space. They can be used to display items, art pieces, books or plants that add a decorative touch to interior design. It’s also a great way to bring color and texture within the room without overcrowding other furniture pieces. Make the most of corners by using corner storage solutions.

Make the best use of limited spaces by using corner storage solutions.

Corner shelves and cupboards are a versatile way to make good use of corners in the room. Choose ones with a modern finish to create a chic display that can be used as bookshelves, extra wardrobe space or simply as wall décor. Corner cabinets are especially practical and offer great capacity without taking up too much floor space.
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