Stress and Strain In Strength of Materials

 Definition of stress

The internal resistance offered by the body against the deformation is called stress mathematically.

Stress formula: Stress = Force / Area

Types of Stress

Narmal or Direct Stress

The stress due to an axial force. It may be either direct tensile or compressive.

Narmal or Direct stress formula  σ = p / A

Shear Stress

The tangential force per unit area. 
Shear Stress formula τ = F / A

Bearing Stress 

It is the contract pressure between separate bodies.

Bending stress 

Can be bending tensile or compressive stresses. 

Bending Stress formula f b = M / Z
where Z - Section Modulus. 

Stress due to Torsion 

Torsion or twisiting moment results in torsional shear stress.

Stress due to torsion formula f s = M / Zp

where Zp is popular modulus.

Types of strain:

Longitudinal Strain

 The deformation per unit length caused by normal force in its direction.

Longitudinal Strain formula e = δ / L

Shear strain ( γ )

In case of tangential force change in angle measured in radius is call shear strain.

Volumetric Strain

Ratio of change in volume to the original volume. it is also know as dilation. 

 Volumetric Strain formula  εv  = δV / V

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