No More Hours of Searching - Our Top 4 Civil Engineering Blogs

Looking for the latest information on civil engineering news and trends? Check out our list of the top 4 civil engineering blog sites for valuable insights into the industry's most important topics. From project management best practices to new technologies, you'll find it all at these must-see blog destinations!

The Civil Engineering Blog

Our top 5 civil engineering blogs offer the best and most up-to-date information about recent developments in the field. From project management tips and new industry technologies to case studies of successful projects, these sites present insightful and valuable content to keep you ahead of the curve. Be sure to check out all five of these must-visit destinations for our favorite perspectives on civil engineering news and trends! 

Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine 

Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine is the only dedicated magazine for professionals working in both civil and structural engineering. It provides analysis, industry news, case studies, research reports and unique insights into the major developments affecting the sector — from legal issues to new materials and technology developments. Focusing on these topics makes it an essential resource for decision-makers looking to stay ahead of the game.

Civil Engineering Forums

In addition to blogs, you can find great information from civil engineering forums. These discussion boards are packed with helpful answers from experienced professionals, giving you the latest industry insights, technological advances, and more. Popular forums like Eng-Tips can provide solutions for unique problems and helpful perspectives on multiple facets of civil engineering questions. 

ASCE blog

American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE’s blog offers a wide range of topics related to civil engineering, including new technology reports, sustainability initiatives, structural repairs and improvements, energy efficiency efforts, land development courses and practices, leadership in engineering projects. Additionally, the blog is an ideal source for learning about the wide variety of careers available in civil engineering as well as job opportunities within the field. With its comprehensive coverage on all things civil engineering-related, ASCE’s blog should be one of your top sources for news and advice related to this profession.
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