What is a septic tank | Aim | Work Process | Tips to Maintain

What is a septic tank?

Septic tank is the form of concrete section box which has their unique designs. The size depends on the number of bed room in the building.

Aim of Septic Tank

Septic refers to the Anaerobical Bacteria which digest the solid wastes. It helps in removal os waste generates from Kitchan and bathroom Waste etc..

Septic Tank Work

Septic tanks is a safe disposal of waste water and Hence are widely popular in area that have a poor drainge method or system.

Septic tank are not used much in towns is dealt with transported trough the sewage pipe or canel system, there are maintained by the waste water treatment plants in your local area. 

What is a septic tank | Aim | Work Process | Tips to Maintain

Basic Septic tank system for house

In this system has a basic system simple design. Its an underground Container ( Made of concrete or Plastic ).
The Septic tank is connected with Inlet and outlet pipes. The inlet pipe collects the waste water in the septic tank. The outlet pipe is drain field, dischange waste water from the septic tank and spreads it enenly in the soil and water courses.

The wastewater separates in three layers

Top Layer - It is oils, grease and floats above all the waste. 
Middle Layer - Its the waste water along with waste particles.
Bottom Layer - remove heavier particles from a layer of sluge.

In the tank bacteria from the waste water breaks the soild waste.there bactria decompose the soild waste quickly allowing the chemical liquids to separate and drain away more very easily.

Tips to maintain Septic tank 

Do not dispose medicine, diapers wipes into the septic tank otherwise it blocks the drains and use brand chemicals to maintain the drainage system.

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