[PDF] Civil Engineering Formulas For Competitive Exams

Civil Engineering Formulas PDF Book For Competitive Exams Free Download.

 This Ebook offers over 2000  Most Important Civil Engineering Formulas to assist them in the Design Office Field, and various construction works, anywhere The world. These formulas are also useful for designing draftsmen, Construction engineers, bridge engineers, foundation builders, Engineers in the field, choose the professional engineer license Candidates, concrete consultants, timber structure builders, And students in various civil engineering courses. 

Chapter 1. Conversion Factors for Civil Engineering Practice 

Chapter 2. Beam Formulas 

Continuous Beams- Ultimate Strength of Continuous Beams- Beams of Uniform Strength- Safe Loads for Beams of Various Types- Rolling and Moving Loads- Curved Beams- Elastic Lateral Buckling of Beams- Combined Axial and Bending Loads- Unsymmetrical Bending- Eccentric Loading- Natural Circular Frequencies and Natural Periods- of Vibration of Prismatic Beams.

Chapter 3. Column Formulas 

General Considerations- Short Columns- Eccentric Loads on Columns- Column Base Plate Design- American Institute of Steel Construction- Allowable-Stress- Design Approach - Composite Columns- Elastic Flexural Buckling of Columns- Allowable Design Loads for Aluminum Columns- Ultimate-Strength Design of Concrete Columns. 

Chapter 4. Piles and Piling Formulas 

Allowable Loads on Piles- Laterally Loaded Vertical Piles- Toe Capacity Load- Groups of Piles- Foundation-Stability Analysis- Axial-Load Capacity of Single Piles- Shaft Settlement- Shaft Resistance to Cohesionless Soil.

Chapter 5. Concrete Formulas 

Reinforced Concrete- Water or Cementitious Materials Ratio- Job Mix Concrete Volume- Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete- Tensile Strength of Concrete- Reinforcing Steel- Continuous Beams and One-Way Slabs- Design Methods for Beams, Columns, and Other Members- Properties in the Hardened State- Tension Development Lengths- Compression development lengths Cracks Control of Flexural members- Required Strength- Deflection Computation And Criteria For Concrete Beams- Ultimate-Strength Design Of Rectangular Beams With Tension Reinforcement Only- Working-Stress Design Of Rectangular Beams With Tension Reinforcements Only-Ultimate-Strength Design Of Rectangular Beams With Compression Bars- Angle to Grain- Recommendations of the Forest Products Laboratory- Compression on Oblique Plane.

Chapter 6. Timber Engineering Formulas 

Adjustments Factors for Design Values- Fasteners for Wood- Adjustment of Design Values for Connections with Fasteners- Roof Slope to Prevent Ponding- Bending and Axial Tension- Bending and Axial Compression. 

Chapter 7. Surveying Formulas 

Units of Measurement- Theory of Errors- Measurement of Distance with Tapes- Vertical Control- Stadia Surveying- Photogrammetry.

Chapter 8. Soil and Earthwork Formulas 

Physical Properties of Soils- Index Parameters for Soils- Relationship of Weights and Volumes in Soils- Internal Friction and Cohesion- Vertical Pressures in Soils- Lateral Pressures in Soils, Forces on Retaining Walls- Lateral Pressure of Cohesionless Soils' Lateral Pressure of Cohesive Soils- Water Pressure- Lateral Pressure from Surcharge- Stability of Slopes- Bearing Capacity of Soils- Settlement under Foundations- Soil Compaction Tests- Compaction Equipment- Formulas for Earthmoving- Scraper Production- Vibration Control in Blasting. 

Chapter 9. Building and Structures Formulas 

Load-and-Resistance Factor Design for Shear in Buildings- Allowable-Stress Design for Building Columns- Load-and-Resistance Factor Design for Building Columns- Allowable-Stress Design for Building Beams- Load-and-Resistance Factor Design for Building Beams- Allowable-Stress Design for Shear in Buildings- Stresses in Thin Shells- Bearing Plates- Column Base Plates- Bearing on Milled Surfaces- Plate Girders in Buildings- Load Distribution to Bents and Shear Walls- Combined Axial Compression or Tension and Bending- Webs under Concentrated Loads- Design of Stiffeners under Loads- Fasteners for Buildings- Composite Construction- Number of Connectors Required for Building Construction - Ponding Considerations in Buildings. 

Chapter 10. Bridge and Suspension Cable Formulas

 Shear Strength Design for Bridges- Allowable-Stress Design for Bridge Columns- Load-and-Resistance Factor Design for Bridge Columns- Allowable-Stress Design for Bridge Beams- Stiffeners on Bridge Girders Hybrid Bridge Girders- Load-Factor Design for Bridge Beams- Bearing on Milled Surfaces- Bridge Fasteners- Composite Construction in Highway Bridges- Number of Connectors in Bridges- Allowable-Stress Design for Shear in Bridges- Maximum Width/Thickness Ratios for Compression- Elements for Highway Bridges- Suspension Cables- General Relations for Suspension Cables Cable Systems. 

Chapter 11. Highway and Road Formulas 

Circular Curves- Parabolic Curves- Highway Curves and Driver Safety- Highway Alignments- Structural Numbers for Flexible Pavements- Transition (Spiral) Curves- Designing Highway Culverts- American Iron and Steel Institute- Design Procedure. 

Chapter 12. Hydraulics and Waterworks Formulas

Capillary Action- Viscosity- Pressure on Submerged Curved Surfaces- Fundamentals of Fluid Flow- Similitude for Physical Models- Fluid Flow in Pipes- Pressure (Head) Changes Caused by Pipe Size Change- Flow through Orifices- Fluid Jets- Orifice Discharge into Diverging Conical Tubes Water Hammer- Pipe Stresses Perpendicular to the Longitudinal Axis- Temperature Expansion of Pipe- Forces Due to Pipe Bends- Culverts- Open-Channel Flow- Manning’s Equation for Open Channels- Hydraulic Jump- Nonuniform Flow in Open Channels- Weir- Flow Over Weirs- Prediction of Sediment-Delivery Rate- Evaporation and Transpiration- Method for Determining Runoff for Minor- Hydraulic Structures- Computing Rainfall Intensity- Groundwater- Water Flow for Firefighting- Flow from Wells- Economical Sizing of Distribution Piping- Venturi Meter Flow Computation- Hydroelectric Power Generation.

Civil Engineering Formulas PDF Book For Competitive Exams Free Download

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