Bar Bending Schedule For Two Way Slab (BBS)

How to find Two way Slab?

Bars that are placed in shorter span is called main Reinforcement bar and in longer span it is called a distribution Reinforcement bar.

How do you prepare bar bending schedule for two-way slab

Examble of Prepare a bar bending schedule (BBS) of two way slab. The slab size is 3 by 4 reinforcement is 16mm@150mm and 10mm@200mm c/c shorter and longer span direction respectively. Assume the clear cover is 20mm?

This Solution is Quantity of Steel in Two way Slab.

Bar Bending Schedule For Two Way Slab

Quantity Of Steel In Two Way Slab Calculation (BBS)

Main Reinforcement bars:

First, we find out the total no of bars in the shorter span

No of bars

= Total span /spacing

= 3960mm/150mm

= 26.4 say 27 nos of bars

Cutting Length:

As bar is placed in shorter span which is 3m.

= Total length of span - 2 x clear cover

= 3000 - 2 x 20

= 2960 mm or 2.960 m 

So we have total 27 nos of main bars

Total length:

= 27 x 2.960m = 79.92m 

Bar Bending Schedule For one Way Slab

Quantity of steel Main Reinforcement bar 

= d²/162 x length

= 16 x 16/162 x 79.92

= 126.2kg

Distribution Reinforcement bar:

No of bars

= total span/spacing

= 2960 mm/200 mm

= 15.8 say 16 nos

As bar is placed in longer span which is 4m

Cutting Length: = total length — 2 x clear cover

= 4000 - 2 x 20

= 3960 mm or 3.960m

So we have total 16 nos of distribution Reinforcement bar so the total length is

Total length

= 3.960 x 16

= 63.36m long bar

Bar Bending Schedule for Footing [BBS]

Quantity of steel distribution Reinforcement bar 

= d2/162 x length

= 10 x 10/162 x 63.36 = 39.1 kg

Total weight of bars:

= weight of main bar + distribution bar

= 126.2 + 39.1

= 165.3kg.

Format of Bar Bending Schedule as per Code IS:2502-196

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