How to Calculate Quality Of Paint

What are the important🤔 of Paint quality calculation?

Paint is used to protect all types of buildings and structures from the effects of water and the sun light. Wooden buildings, like houses, are usually painted because a coat of paint prevents water from seeping into the wood and rotting it. 

Paint also helps prevent woods from drying out in the sun. Incredibly, some forms of paint can reduce the danger of a fire spreading in your home. 

Fire resistant paints, also known as intumescent coatings, are a passive fire protection measure that is well worth the investment. These products will obviously not save your home from a fire, but they can be an important part of your home fire safety measures. 

How to Calculate Quality Of Paint

Calculation: Quantity of Paint 

US gallon- 350 ft^2  ->Wet Wall

Surface Area of wall

                        = 40X2 = 800 ft^2 

Note 📝 US -> gallon = 3.785 Liters 
               UK -> gallon = 4.540 Liters

Quantity of Paint

                        = 800/350
                        = 2.285 gallonX3.785
                        = 8.65 Liters.     
US gallon- 200 ft^2 -> Dry Wall    

Quantity of Paint 

                        = 800/200 
                        = 4 gallonX3.785 
                        = 15.14 Liters.

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