How to Construct a Concrete Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Construction Process - Taking a nice dip in a pool sounds like the perfect activity for a hot summer day, but next time you swim, you may want to consider the engineering behind these small bodies of water, they are interesting engineering works designed for fun. , luxury, and relaxation. but how they are built from start to finish building an in-ground pool takes between 40 and 50 days. 
This can be said for small backyard pools, as you can imagine that larger pools for hotels and sports complexes can take many months or even years to build. 
swimming pool construction process

When building a concrete swimming pool construction process is quite similar, regardless of size, architects and engineers work to design the pool according to the space available and then design the utilities, such as plumbing, that will be needed to support the pool once the pool has been designed. the pool is finished the next step is to start digging and digging the well where the pool will be built heavy machinery is used to excavate the rocks and soil in the ground, giving way to the concrete foundations that will be placed after it is dug the hole is installed the plumbing for pools consists of filling pipes drainage pipes filtration and heating pipes to keep the water as clean as possible the more complex the design of the pool, the more complex the plumbing systems many in-ground pools will be they build with steel and concrete build steel The frame is used to prevent the concrete from cracking and helps it support the heavyweight of water. 

swimming pool construction process

The electrical and gas connections are also worked. the frame before the concrete is placed this allows connections such as pool lights or hot tub jets after the steel-reinforced walls are built, the concrete is fired through hoses the concrete can be cast into fluid shapes to fit the pool design once the concrete is finished is ready to cure for about a week before construction can continue after the concrete dries the pool is plastered and tiled or painted additional finishing touches like tile and trim are installed to create the final looking waterfalls and the external features will also connect. 

During this period, once the pool is laid and dry, the next step is to pour or install the deck, in most cases, this involves laying concrete surfaces to walk around the pool, but in some cases, a wooden deck is used after all this, the pull will be realized essentially. and it can be filled with chlorinated or salt water and it is ready to use and maintaining the process is quite simple. 

swimming pool construction process

But as we said it becomes more complex when the size of the pool is bigger let's take a closer look at the largest pool in the Mundo san Alfonso del mar known as the largest pool in the world is located in a resort on the outskirts of Santiago chile looking at the pool can be an impressive activity as its large scale makes it seem more like a lake than a pool When the pool was completed in 2006, it was listed as the largest pool in the world in the Guinness Book of World Records, stretching 3323 feet, containing approximately 66 million gallons of water and 115 feet deep. puts an interesting note on this pool is that it is actually filled with seawater, the water that fills this structure is pumped from the pacific ocean, however, the water is heavily treated, filtered, and disinfected impressively, isn't it Is it so if the construction of a swimming pool is large or small? a process of digging a large hole in the ground making that hole durable with concrete and tile and filling it with clean treated water what would we do without this water? Engineering marvels get too hot on summer days, that's for sure.

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