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Unit Weight of Different Building Construction Materials

In this post, we are going to List the unit weights of different building construction materials. Before starting. 

Unit Weight of Different Building Construction Materials

What is unit weight and why is it important? 

Unit weight is also known as specific gravity. Unit weight is the weight of the material per unit volume. As we know, volume is quantified in terms of liters or m3 and weight is measured in terms of Kg or KN. 

The unit weight of different construction materials is the weight of the material / unit volume, which means that the unit weight is expressed in Kg / L or KG / m3 or KN / m3. For ease of reference, we organize all unit weights of building materials in a List. 

This list is a collective effort.

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Unit Weight of Building Materials List

  1. Water= 1000 Kg/ m3
  2. Bricks (broken)= 1420 Kg/ m3
  3. Bricks(common)= 1600 Kg/ m3
  4. Cement(ordinary)= 1440 Kg/ m3
  5. Cement (rapid hardening)= 1250 Kg/ m3
  6. Cement Mortar= 2000 Kg/ m3
  7. Cement Concrete (Plain)= 2400 Kg/ m3
  8. Cement Concrete (Reinforced)= 2500 Kg/ m3
  9. Glass= 2500 Kg/ m3
  10. Lime Concrete= 1900 Kg/ m3
  11. Cement Plaster= 2000 Kg/ m3
  12. Lime Plaster= 1700 Kg/ m3
  13. 1Stones = 1720 Kg/ m3
  14. Stones (Aggregates)= 1750 Kg/ rn3
  15. Stones=  2850 Kg/ m3
  16. Stones (Granite)= 2450 Kg/ m3
  17. Stones (Marble)= 2650 Kg/ rn3
  18. Timber (Oak, Sal= 510 Kg/ m3
  19. Timber (Mango)= 650 Kg/ m3
  20. Timber (Teak)= 625 Kg/ m3
  21. Coal= 600 Kg/ m3
  22. Plastics= 1250 Kg/ m3
  23. Oils=  800 Kg/ rn3
  24. Ashes= 650 Kg/ m3
  25. Clinker= 750 Kg/ m3
  26. Rubber= 1300 Kg/ m3
  27. Slag: 1500 Kg/ m3
  28. Clay soil= 1900 Kg/ m3
  29. Sand (dry)= 1540 to 1600 Kg/ m3
  30. sand=11760 to 2000 Kg/ m3
  31. Steel= 7850 Kg/ m3
  32. Chalk= 2100 Kg/ m3

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