Monday, October 12, 2020

Concrete Admixture | Scope | Uses

Scope of Concrete Admixture:

This standard covers the air-entraining and chemical admixtures including superplasticizers, liquid, or solid to be added to cement concrete at the time of mixing so as to achieve the desired property in concrete, in the hardened state/plastic state.
Concrete Admixture | Scope | Uses

Types of Admixtures:

  • Air-entraining admixtures
  • Accelerating admixtures
  • Retarding admixtures 
  • Water reducing admixtures 
  • Superplasticizing admixtures

Uses of Admixture:

  • Protect Against Freeze-Thaw Cycles Improve Durability 
  • Water Reduction in the Mix 
  • Mid-Range water reducers 
  • High-Range water reducers superplasticizers 
  • High Strength 
  • Concrete Corrosion Protection 
  • Set Acceleration 
  • More Durable 
  • (Silica Fume) Early Strength and Reduced Permeability 
  • Making Concrete Stronger 
  • Strength Enhancement 
  • Set Retardation, shrinkage reduction 
  • Flowability 
  • Finish Enhancement, Easier to Work With  and Produce fluid backfill-which flows easily and is self-leveling

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