Post Tension Slab Procedure

What are the stebs involved in Post-tension slab?
Post-tensioned Slab Procedure

  • Step 1: Installing slab formwork. 
  • Step 2: Installing side formwork. 
  • Step 3: Placing lower reinforcement. 
  • Step 4: Installing anti-bursting reinforcement.
  • Step 5: Placing of lower steel for protecting progressive collapse in column.  
  • Step 6: Installing punching shear reinforcement. 
  • Step 7: Determining position and placement of Bar Chair by profile height. 
  • Step 8: Placing of tendon, tied with Bar Chair. 
  • Step 9: Installing Anchorage and Grout vent. 
  • Step 10: Placing top reinforcement and extra reinforcement.
  • Step 11: Pouring concrete. 
  • Step 12:Removing side formwork.  
  • Step 13: Removing Former.
  • Step 14: Inserting Block and Jaws. 
  • Step 15: Stressing and measuring Elongation
  • Step 16:Cutting wire end.
  • Step 17:Filling socket with mortar.  
  • Step 18: Bleeding air. 
  • Step 19: Grouting.
  • Step 20: Removing scaffold and propping from excessive weight the floor can support.

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