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What is Cement?

Cement is a binding material commonly used in construction. 

Cement is obtained by burning a mixture of calcareous and clay  material at a very high temperature and then grinding the clinker produced to a fine powder. 

It was first produced by a bricklayer Joseph Aspdinin England in 1924. 

Types of Cements 

  • White Cement 
  • Color Cement 
  • Fast setting Cement 
  • Low heat cement 
  • Expanding cement 
  • High aluminia Cement 
  • Fly ash mixing cement 
  • Acid resistant cement 
  • Sulfate resistant cement 
  • Blast furnce cement and etc..             

Uses of cement 

  • Cement is widely used for the construction of various structures.
  •  Some of them are listed below:
  • Cement grout is used to fill cracks in concrete structures. 
  • Cement mortar is used for masonry work, plastering and pointing.
  •  Cement concrete is used for the construction of various structures such as buildings, bridges, water tanks, tunnels, docks, ports, etc. It is used to manufacture lamp posts, telephone poles, railway sleepers, batteries, etc.
  • For the manufacture of cement pipes, garden seats, litter bins, flower pots, etc., 
  • cement is commonly used.
  • It is useful for building roads, trails, courts for various sports, etc.
Cement pdf

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