Prefabrication Construction Process | Uses

What is a Prefabrication?

Prefabrication is the practice of assembling
components(Building different elements)of a structure in a factory or other manufacturing site and transportation of complete assemblies to the construction site where the structure will be located.

Prefabrication | Prefabrication Process | Users of Prefabrication

Prefabrication Construction Process:

An example of home construction illustrates the Prefabrication Construction Process. The conventional method of building a house is to transport bricks, wood, cement, sand, steel and adding construction, etc., to the site, and building the house on site from these materials in prefabricated construction.

Only foundations are built this way.While sections of (walls, floors, ceiling are prefabricated with window and door frames included) .Transported to the site lifted into place by a crane and screwed.

Uses of prefabrication:

  • The most widespread use of prefabrication in construction and civil engineering is the use precast concrete and precast steel sections in structures where a particular part in shape repeats many lines.

  • Pouring the concrete section in a factory brings the advantages of being able to reuse molds and concrete booth mix on site without having to be transported into and wet on a congested construction site.

  • Precast steel sections reduce cutting and welding costs on site as well as associated danger.

  • Prefabrication techniques are made of wood in the construction of pants and housing developments with repeated housing units.

  • The technique is also used in warehouses, office blocks and factory buildings.

  • Prefabricated steel and glass sections are widely used for large outdoor buildings.

  • Precast bridge elements and systems offer bridge designers and contractors significant advantages in terms of construction environmental impact,time, and safety build responsibility and cost.

  • Prefabrication can also help minimize the impact of bridge construction.

  • Radio bowers for mobile phones and other services often consist of multiple precast sections.

  • Precast has been widely used in assembling aircraft and spacecraft with components like wings and fuselage sections after being manufactured in different countries or states of final assembly site.

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  • Havit Steel
    Havit Steel September 30, 2020 at 8:17 AM

    Precast steel building will better than the precast concrete, because the steel structure can recycle after the disassembling of the proejct.please visit our website more more information. thanks

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