Sunday, March 1, 2020

Sardar Patel Stadium | World Biggest Cricket Stadium

World Biggest Cricket Stadium - Ahmedabad, India 

 Motera Stadium

 Motera Stadium is ready to become the biggest cricket stadium in the world after its inauguration in February 2020. The stadium will house more than 110,000 fans Cricket, beating his previous record. holder, Melbourne Cricket Ground. After two years of demolition, he completed construction work for the new facility on the same site, covering an area of 63 acres like its predecessor, Sardar Patel, whose name will be the official opening after the stadium.

World's biggest cricket stadium

 World's biggest cricket stadium specifications:

  • The world's biggest cricket stadium spans 63 acres of land, with three entry points instead of just one in the old stadium, with a subway line at one of the entry points. 
  • In addition, it contains 76 corporate boxes with a capacity of 25, a 55-room clubhouse, an Olympic pool, and 4 dressing rooms. 
  • A unique feature of the stadium is the LED lights on the roof instead of the usual reflectors in the cricket fields. 
  • This will be the first design of its kind in India.
  •  The LED lights are installed in an antibacterial and fireproof canopy with PTFE membrane covering 30 meters of the 55 meters of the total width of the rest area. 
  • The roof has been designed by the Walter P Moore company, specifically designed to be lightweight and separated from the seats to allow movement in times of seismic activity, which makes it quite resistant to earthquakes. 
  • The structure eliminates the need for pillars, offering viewers an unobstructed view of the entire field from anywhere in the stadium.
  • Outside the main grounds, the stadium can house several other features, including an Olympic-size pool, indoor cricket academy, badminton and tennis courts, squash court, table tennis area, theater with 3D projector, and a clubhouse with Three fields of practice and 50 rooms.
  •  The parking lot seats 3,000 cars and 10,000 two-wheelers. 
  • The stadium design has been done so that customers fill the lower levels of the ground for smaller events, which will help maintain the atmosphere of the crowd even though the colossal stadium is not full.
  • It has also been planned that the Motera stadium will receive a "Sky-walk", which will allow the crowd to enter the stadium directly within 300 meters of disembarking at the metro station. 
  • This will eliminate the need to go out on the roads, relieving congestion. However, the skywalk will only be completed after September 2020 and is part of the Motera metro station project instead of the stadium project.

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