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Installation Process 

Installation of vertical components

  • Verification of delivered panels Verifies that the delivered panels have the correct lifting hook and position, etc.
  •  Surface finish condition Prefabricated Dimension Compliance Reinforcement position compliance with architectural details Setting Check the panels delivered by markings, lifting hook and condition. 
  •  Set the reference lines and the grid check the starter bars for vertical components before lifting for installation Establishment of the quality control point secure the correct scroll line Verify plate level and sign rubber gasket property secured external wall and backrest column Lifting and rigging and installation while leaning, provide a rubber pad to avoid splinters.
  •  Lift and place the panel in the designated locationAdjust the panel in position and secure elevation of space by adding elements with a balanced center of gravity.
  •  Ensure correct horizontal alignmentSecure 
  • The panels vertically to correct the plumb line to check the consistency of the space between panels checks the stability of the strut before releasing the lifting cable.
Prefabrication element installation


  • Apply mortars without shrinkage to sealPatented grouts in pipe slabs. Keep the panels installed without discomfort for 24 hours.
  •  Verify that joint widths are consistent before grouting grout used must be of the same degree of components and self-compacting to avoid cracksCollect a sample of test cube to test critical elements or load-bearing elements that join joints on-site cast joints install reinforcing bars as necessary configure shapes to melt together make concrete remove shapes after sufficient resistance external connections sealant will be user panel with welded connections welding as the required installation process.
  • Installation of horizontal elements.settings the reference line/compensation line at the required alignment and slab/beam level during installation put temporary support to support the precast slab/beam elements before lifting quim. 
  • Dimensions Check the level and stability of the wedgeVerify that the protruding/initial bars are within the specified tolerance to avoid any observation during the assembly process

Lifting and installation 

  • Temporary accessories to support the slab/beamLift and mount the items at the designated location align and verify the level before placement teams must prop up at least two locations. 

     Balcony planter and more than two locations will be supported based on design considerations. Check the level of prefabricated elements

Joining elements

  • Prefabricated with cast iron joints in situ position reinforcement bars as necessary establish a way of working to melt together remove formwork after achieving concrete strength.
  •  The support beams will be designed to be part of the work joints.
  •  The connection/lapping bars tied and secured the same grade of concrete 10 that will be used as the panel.
  •  Installation using a Big canopyHigh-rise prefabricated concrete construction system with large canopy is used for a faster and more efficient process.

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